Places to Visit in Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Let us look at some of the tourist places to visit in Mumbai.

From beaches to Bollywood and nature to nightlife, the City of Dreams lives up to its name featuring a dreamlike encounter for all the tourists.

To begin with, Mumbai is a city that will build its perspective on what you seek.

Furthermore, with something for everyone, there are ample of Mumbai tourist places that will bring you the thrill you cannot find anywhere!

Here Is The List of Places to Visit in Mumbai

  • Marine Drive
  • Gateway of India
  • Juhu Beach
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Siddhivinayak Temple
  • Haji Ali
  • Elephanta Caves
  • Chowpatty Beach
  • Worli Seaface

1. Marine Drive

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Firstly, people refer it as the Queen’s Necklace. It is one of the most beautiful roads in Mumbai.

A birds-eye view of this stretch looks magnificent at night with the lights making the entirety resemble a queen’s necklace.

Moreover, this beautiful place in Mumbai comes alive in the evenings when people relax and admire the brilliant view.

Large groups of people are seen crowding the place to walk along the lovely walkway.

2. Gateway of India

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Gateway of India, the best place to visit in Mumbai.

In addition, visit this place in the early morning or late evening hours to enjoy the cool breeze of the sea with your family sans the crowd.

The structure marks the area as one of India’s major ports which formally symbolised elements of British grandeur.

The Gateway of India is a landmark that denotes India’s main ports.

And, it is a noteworthy vacation destination for guests who touch base in India surprisingly.

3. Juhu Beach


Juhu can be defined as one of the largest and most sought after beaches in India.

Visitors all over the country love the beach for it is also a gastronomic paradise hosting stalls that serve up platters of lip-smacking street food.

Moreover, sightseers visit this shoreline in view of its serene climate and its grand excellence.

Also, we know Juhu beach for its nearby indulgences and road nourishment.

4. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Firstly, this is one of the most-visited national parks in Asia. Therefore, I give it spot among all the best places to visit in Mumbai.

Secondly, with all sorts of fun activities, this park can surely be a family entertainer.

You can watch the big cats of the park close enough in a safari cage and have a fun day boating in the artificial lake in the park.

Moreover, take the forest road or stairs and hike towards the Gandhi Tekdi. It is a memorial built in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi.


In short, from beaches to Bollywood and nature to nightlife, the City of Dreams lives up to its name, for all the tourists.

If you are planning a trip to Mumbai, make sure you visit the right places to imbibe the dynamic effervescence of this city.

So, in this article, we illustrated some of the famous places to visit in Mumbai.

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