7 Beautiful Places To Visit In Punjab!

Punjab is an excellent land in the North of India. Otherwise called ‘grinning soul of India’ This State has everything. Starting from best dusks and social spots to chronicled spots, moves, delightful food sources, and strict destinations. Culture and legacy are remarkable and enchanted. On the off chance that you are arranging a visit to these Punjab vacationer places, we are here to help you out with the best places to see and what to do. We are all food sweethearts who love voyaging and this is the ideal mix and objective we as a whole are searching for on account of incredible retreat! Find out about Punjab the travel industry here with us.

Golden Temple:

Golden Temple

This is among the best places of interest in Punjab. The Brilliant Sanctuary has been perceived as the pride of Punjab. This is perhaps the most popular vacationer place in Punjab and has more than a huge number of aficionados, sightseers, and neighborhood guests consistently. It is the most seasoned sanctuary of the Sikh religion and has a lovely pool named “Amrit Sarovar.” This is unquestionably the primary spot you should visit on your excursion to Punjab.



Next in the Punjab acclaimed traveler places in Patiala. On the off chance that you are expecting to investigate the illustrious past of Punjab, you should visit Patiala. It offers you incredible and significant data concerning the historical backdrop of Punjab in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The castles, gardens, and stops are likewise probably the best and fantastic spots you can visit. The attractions here are Moti Bagh royal residence, Sheesh Mahal, Qila Mubarak, etc.

Jallianwala Bagh:

Jallianwala Bagh

This is the following in the Punjab vacationer places list. Jallianwala Bagh of Punjab isn’t only a nursery yet it addition holds uncommon importance throughout the entire existence of India’s freedom. This was the area where thousands were slaughtered on account of the English officers in the year 1919. A remembrance was inherent in the year 1951 out of appreciation for the individuals who forfeited their lives for their country.

Kila Raipur:

Kila raipur

The little town of Kila Raipur is most popular for its Country Olympics which happen each year in February. Here you will see bullocks, donkeys, canines, camels, and different creatures contending in proficient occasions like hustling. The sight is truly interesting and can’t be passed up as a major opportunity, particularly in case you’re out traveling. This is additionally among the top traveler places in Punjab.

Wagah Border:

wagah Border

Consistently in the year, not long before the sun is going to set, there is a banner bringing down service among India and Pakistan. It goes on for around 45 minutes and has been perceived as one of Punjab’s well-known vacation destinations. Your outing in Punjab will be inadequate until you visit this spot. This is additionally among the main traveler places in Punjab.

Sheesh Mahal:

Sheesh mahal

This is an unquestionable requirement to visit place in Punjab the travel industry spots to visit. The Sheesh Mahal, situated in Patiala was set up in the year 1847. It was inherent in the customary Mughal engineering style. The site is totally pleasant, essentially in light of the stunning green nurseries encompassing it. It likewise has a decoration display which has around 3000 awards, all having a place with the twelfth century.

Anandpur Sahib:

Anandpur Sahib

Anandpur Sahib is situated around 2 kilometers from the sublime city of Chandigarh. It is most popular among pioneers and aficionados, for the most part on account of its flawless and amazing gurudwara. It conveys incredible recorded importance and is an awesome spot to visit. This is likewise one of the popular vacationer spots of Punjab.


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