Must visit places in Lucknow
Always smile when You are in lucknow, because it's the most welcoming place you'll ever get to visit.

Must-visit places in LUCKNOW.

Must-visit places in Lucknow. Lucknow famously called The City Of Nawabs. The city with many specialties rolled in one. The most common tendency in people here is ‘Phele Aap’ the trait that shows the tendency to assimilate all & the behavior of respectfulness. It’s being the city with a dynamic culture, artistic hub & it’s love towards food is really marvelous.  

Apart from the aforesaid qualities Lucknow also possesses the quality to attract tourist around the globe.

This place is the confluence of many civilizations & so, has the imprints of those in its culture. The most known is the places which reflect the feeling of bravery, greatness & stands as the perfect example of incredible architecture.

Some of the must visit places in lucknow are:

  • Bada Imambada 
  • Chota Imambada
  • Rumi Darvaza
  • Residency
  • Chattar Manzil
  • Hazratganj market
  • Husainabad clock tower……etc.


Must visit places in Lucknow

The must-visit for the people fond of ancient culture, way of living & an amazing architecture. It was named after Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, who constructed it & therefore called Asfi Imambada.

It has the incredible maze in it named as BHUL BHULAIYA.

Muharram the most known festival of muslims is celebrated here every year.


Must visit places in Lucknow

Also known as Hussainabad Imambada , build by Muhammad Ali Shah the 3rd Nawab of Awadh. It has his & his mother’s mausoleum in it.

It was a congregation hall of shia muslims situated in west of bada Imambada.


Must visit places in Lucknow

An entrance 60ft high with absolutely no visible fittings in support. It reflects the architecture style of Awadh.


Must visit places in Lucknow

Graves of many soldiers who died during revolt of 1857.

Still carries the imprint of the struggles & the amount fighters payed in legit demand of independence.


The building posses distinguish architecture as umbrella shaped dome hence also called umbrella palace.

Architecture displays European style construction. Back then it was the residence of Nawabs of Awadh, now it is a government office.

It stood up as the eye-catching, incredible & and amazed architectural beauty. 


Must visit places in Lucknow

The place where the vibrant soul of the country resides .

A must-visit place for all shopping lovers out there! The only twist is that when you go shopping at other places you will probably be called a shopaholic but when you go shopping in Hazratganj it will be named Nanjing.


Must visit places in Lucknow

221 feet clock tower shaped structure was build in 1881 by hussainabad trust .


Carved in a flower like structure with 12 petals in it ,the pendulum of clock is 14 feet long & many more specialties collectively named as the Tallest clock tower of Uttar Pradesh .


Must visit places in Lucknow

The oldest & the absolute hub of chicken embroidery .

Lucknow being the originating centre of traditional chicken embroidery .

The age-old places in chowk including its market Starting with Chicken embroidery, Zardozi outfits, Handmade jewelry, Nagre(the well-known foot-wears of Nawabs) & mouth-melting kababs, Makkhan Malai & a lot more you name it & it will be there in chawk this all would give you the eternal vibe of traditional “Lucknawi Andaz”.

So, always remember to smile whenever you are in Luck now because it’s the most welcoming place you’ll ever get to visit.

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