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Arunachal Pradesh is the state that is a complete package of tradition, culture, and authentic food. Arunachal Pradesh food differs from one tribe to another tribe. The state is quite popular for either boiled or smoked food. It’s cuisine has less of fried food and are very rich in herbs and vegetables.


Besides the fact that there are a lot of places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, there are lots of drool-worthy dishes in Arunachal Pradesh awaiting to treat your tastebuds. Do not miss out trying these dishes in Arunachal Pradesh.

1. Bamboo Shoot bamboo shoot arunachal pradesh

Bamboo shoots have sweet and sour flavor and prepared by using mustard seeds and garlic. It is a special dish in Arunachal Pradesh cuisine. The popular and traditional Bamboo Shoot dish is made with delicate bamboo. It is marinated in baking soda and freshly ground spices on a low fire.

2. Pika Pila

Pika Pila

Pika Pila is a famous type of pickle. Apatani tribe has originated this dish using bamboo shoot, pig fat, aromatic spices, and a lot of chilies. It is served with rice. 

3. Lukter


Lukter is for pure beef lovers. A roasted slice of the same is named Lukter. Lukter is a roasted meat slice with dry red chili seeds sprinkled on it.

4. Apong


Apong is a home-made rice beer that is prepared without using chemical. This beverage is the traditional drink of Arunachal Pradesh and an important part of the cuisine. 

5. Pehak


Pehak is a type of chutney that is made with fermented soya beans and king chilli Bhoot Jolokia. Pehak also has the flavour of seasoned rice and the fiery, tart mash which makes it more delicious.

6. Marua


Marua is home-made alcohol of millets. It is a famous beverage of Arunachal Pradesh. Moreover, it is another affordable and delicious local drink that Arunachalis enjoy drinking on occasions.

7. Ngatok


It is a type of fish curry. It is prepared using a sliced piece of fishes and contains some raw traditional spices into it. It also contains some herbs such as lemongrass. People can eat this dish individually or can have this along with steamed rice as well.


These are just few of the most delicious delights of Arunachal Pradesh cuisine. However you will be able to see and taste many other delectable foods in this state of Northeast India that you will definitely fall in love with. Arunachal Pradesh is one destination for every kind of traveler and the taste of the food this state offers is something you will never forget for a long time.

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