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Cuisines of Daman and Diu

Known for its scenic beauty and tourist spots, Daman and Diu is also known for its luscious mouth-watering cuisines, especially sea food. The unique Portuguese and the traditional Gujarati cuisines are specialities.The eating outlets and restaurants here serve tasty Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Portuguese, Thai cuisines and branded wine and liquor varieties.

The heterogeneous culture of Daman and Diu is reflected in its food and cuisines from across the globe are served in its every restaurant. Non-vegetarian and Parsee dishes are also prepared in the restaurants here.

Popular Dishes of Daman and Diu

It is renowned for its exclusive Garden Restaurants serving an array of dishes and these are also thematically decorated.Here are some of the must try foods!!

1. Dhansak

 Dhansak is made by cooking mutton or goat meat with a mixture of lentils and vegetables. This is served with caramelised brown rice, which is rice cooked in caramel water to give it a typical taste and colour.

2. Fish KoliwadaFish Koliwada

Fish Koliwada,a spicy fried prawns dish, is said to have its origin in Daman and tingles the taste buds with its mild and subtle flavour. The term ‘Koliwada’ refers to the fishermen’s colony.


Chicken bullet is a unique and popular dish of Daman. Papri, boiled sweet and salty peas is one of the favourite evening snack of the people of Daman.

4. Ubadiyu


It is made with a mixture of green vegetables like potatoes, yams, beans and herbs.  These are cooked in earthen pots over wood fires for that authentic smoky flavor. 



 It is made of meat and vegetables during Christmas and Val nascido made on the feast of St John de Baptis are quite popular among the Catholic community in Daman.

6. Chicken xacutiDAMAN DIU FOOD

 It is a masterful blend of various spices and aromatics, all balanced beautifully, in a delicious coconut gravy that is rich, luscious, and intensely flavourful.


The state is equally enjoyable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations and offers countless options. While subtle hints of Gujrati and Parsee food can be sensed in the menu here, the seafood is splendid and the island also has quite a street food culture.

Pav Bhaji, bhel, chaat, vada pav are popular street foods in Daman. Jetty Roll, a local version of Kathi kebab rolls, is a specialty of Daman. There are a number of bars, selling beer, scotch, wine, feni etc. Toddy and Tari Palm Wine, a popular drink sold in earthenware pots are found in abundance here.

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