Best tourist places to visit in Lakshwadeep

Let us take a look at some of the best tourist places to visit in Lakshwadeep. Moreover, Lakshwadeep is one of the smallest union territories that India has. And it is a cluster of amazing islands and an ideal tourist spot.

  • Minicoy Island
  • Kadmat Island
  • Kavaratti Island’Marine Museum
  • Pitti Bird Sanctuary
  • Agatti Island
  • Bangaram Atoll

Minicoy Island

This island is one of the most prominent parts of the Lakshwadeep islands. In addition, it is on the southwest side of archipelago and is a great spot to visit. It is also famous for sight seeing and many white sand beaches. We can do boat rides, hiking etc.

Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island is one of the most famous places of Lakshwadeep. It is a coral island with marine life. And this island is also the primary source for fishing as it is rich in marine life. Moreover, it is also famous for deep sea diving, kayaking, suba and snorkeling.

Kavaratti Island

Beautiful sunsets and white sand make this island an ideal place for coast and beach lovers across the world. It is covered with greenery and plantations. Certainly, Kavaratti Island is an ideal getaway for beauty and nature lovers.

Marine Museum

This place is a major attraction for witnessing marine life and artifacts. Moreover, the museum educates the people about the significance and importance of marine life and various kind of species that are available.

Pitti Bird Sanctuary

Pitti Bird Sanctuary is one of the best bird watching places in Lakshwadeep. The place is neat and beautiful. In addition, it is a great spot to go snorkeling and watch indigenous marine life.

Thinnakara Island

This island is a central hub for adventures and water sports. Certainly, it is an ideal place for adventure lovers. Moreover, we can watch beautiful lagoons and get some time at the coast for relaxation.

Bangaram Atoll

This island is like a paradise. This is a perfect location for nature lovers and adventure lovers. Clean waters gives us a sense of liberation. Moreover, we can do activities like hiking and snorkeling.

Agatti Island

Perfect holiday destination in Lakshwadeep. We can try some local food, tuna fish when in Agatti Island. There are beautiful homestays and hotels to live in.

There are some more popular places to visit. Let us take a look:

  • First is Kiltan Island : For colonical spot
  • Second is Amini Beach for scuba diving
  • Third is Andrott Island for history lovers and enthusiasts


In conclusion, we have taken a look at some of the best tourist places and holiday destinations to visit in Lakshwadeep. We have seen Minicoy Island, Kadmat Island, Kavaratti Island, Marine Museum, Pitti Bird Sanctuary, Agatti Island and many more.

We have seen some major activites we can do like hiking and snorkeling.

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