Lakshadweep islands are already very famous for coral reefs, Laccadive sea, adventurous water sports, and one of the richest marine lives. That’s all thanks to the stable water temperature. Besides that, we can continue shopping in Lakshadweep in the most exotic locations that wouldn’t let you think of home again.

6 Places For Shopping In Lakshadweep

Here are the best spots for shopping in this island city and grabbing the best merchandise off of its streets and bazaars. Take a look at all of them and make a note of the ones you’d like to visit according to what you wish to buy there.

1. China Bazar Kavaratti
2. Fiber Factory
3. Muhammad Musthafa Supper Market
4. Co-operative Society Supermarket
5. Thavakkal Clothing Store
6. Thele Fole Tea Shop

1. China Bazar KavarattiChina Bazar Kavaratti

When you want to find a one-stop-shop, this Bazar at Kavaratti Island is a definite choice. At some corners of this market, find electronics, hardware, and mobile recharge facility or coupon as well.

2. Fiber Factory

fiber Factory Laksyadweep

Under this store, you can see different fabrics being sold. These fabrics can be a nice product to take back home. These fabrics are woven in Lakshadweep. So, it’s like a unique souvenir to gift someone to use it for yourself.

3. Muhammad Musthafa Supper MarketMuhammad Musthafa Supper Market

You will get daily items, grocery items, as well as some unique items that are found by the beachfront. But it is mostly used by locals for the grocery items.

4. Co-operative Society Supermarketlakshadweep

This supermarket is at Kadmat Island, one of the very less crowded islands of the Lakshadweep’s archipelago. So, you will find very minimal but unique items here. The villagers often sold the locally harvested produce here.

5. Thavakkal Clothing Storelakshadweep Thavakkal Clothing Store

When you are looking for an extensive choice of beachwear and other local attires, this is one of those stores to be at. It is found easily at the upper corner of Agatti Island.

6. Thele Fole Tea ShopThavakkal Clothing Store

This tea shop has a prime location on Minicoy Island. Basically, you will find this tea shop at the left-most peak of the island. It is like a hidden gem, which has been recently discovered by the travellers. Here, you get amazing tea, Laccadive sea backdrops, and local snacks to munch on


The tourists keen on shopping can have a delightful experience going through the tiny shops strewn across in markets on the islands. There are several roads side stalls that sell all kinds of exotic ware. The most interesting fact is that a number of fascinating pieces of art work can turn up at these portable stores that keep changing place from time to time.

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