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Delicious Foods Of Manipur

The North-Eastern states, or the seven sisters, as they are more famously known, are hotbeds of beauty.The food of Manipur is simple, healthy, and tasty as it contains less oil. The people of Manipur use organic ingredients in the food. Manipuris eat rice, fish, leafy vegetables and use a lot of home-made herbs like mint, chives, pepper, and basil.

Here is the list of famous food of Manipur

In a nutshell, the people of Manipur eat rice, fish, leafy vegetables, etc. They also make use of a lot of herbs in their preparations, ranging from mint and chives to pepper and basil. Keep reading for a list of Manipuri delicacies to try!

1. Chamthong or KangshoChamthong or Kangsho Manipur

It is a vegetable stew. It consists of seasonal vegetables that are boiled and flavoured with sliced onions, cloves, salt, garlic, maroi and a bit of ginger. This stew is served with rice or fish and is supposed to be consumed piping hot.

2. Eromba

eromba food

Eromba is prepared by boiling a tonne of vegetables along with some fermented fish. It is mixed until the texture becomes like a paste. Finally, it is garnished with maroi and a sprinkle of coriander leaves.

3. Morok MetpaMorok Metpa

 Dried and mashed green chili with boiled Ngari fish is used as ingredients. It is served with all kinds of meals by adding a pinch of salt in it. Enjoy it with all kinds of meals.

4. Paaknam

 Paaknam food

Paaknam is a sort of savory pancake prepared with a thick batter of besan, herbs, vegetables, and flavored with chili and the traditional fish Ngari. This mixture is wrapped up in a banana leaf and then steamed.

5. Alu KangmetAlu Kangmet manipur

Boiled potatoes are mashed wonderfully and mixed with fried red chilli, salt and drizzles of mustard oil.

6. Chak-hao KheerChak-hao Kheer manipur

It is a pleasing shade of purple and is made using rice, milk and cardamom powder. It is generally garnished with dried fruits like raisins or other nuts. The flavour of this kheer is delicious.

7. Nga-Thongba Nga-Thongba manipur

Nga-Thongba is a non-vegetarian dish prepared with bite-size pieces of fish flavored with crushed pepper and local spices. Nga-Thongba is the traditional dish of Manipur. 


Merely reading about Manipur food is not enough! Their cuisine deserves to be tasted. Besides, it’s also super healthy, so we don’t have to worry about binge eating while we’re on our holiday, either. So, when you head off to revel in the natural beauty of the North East, make sure you visit Manipur and indulge in their delicacies.

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