shopping in manipur

Shopping In Manipur

Manipur is commonly known as the “Jewel of India” and it is quite true because this north-eastern state is breathtakingly beautiful. With the increase of tourism destinations in the state, the number of shops in the place has also increased. Travelers love to try shopping in Manipur as it is famous for different categories of items that are not found elsewhere in the country.

Places to shop in Manipur

The shopping places included in the list are widely popular and the tourists who visited Manipur recommended these. All of the popular ones are provided in the following section of the blog.

1. Paona BazaarPaona Bazaar MANIPUR

 The crowded lanes of Paona Bazaar has number of shops that sells beautiful things like hand-woven shawls, silk saris, bamboo and ivory items, and papier mache products. You can get these items at very reasonable rates. 

2. Khwairamband Bazaar Khwairamband Bazaar MANIPUR

Khwairamband Bazaar is one of the most important places for shopping in Manipur because it is completely run by women. The market is commonly known as Nupi Keithel market . From fruits and vegetables to clothes and shoes; from spices to natural ointments this market has it all.

3. Tera Bazaar

Tera Bazaar

Tera Bazaar is one of the most beautiful places for shopping in Manipur because it has shops that sell gorgeous accessories that are immensely colorful. Great handloom products, which reflect the rich tradition of Manipur, household products, accessories and even fruits and vegetables are worth buying here.

4. GM Hall


GM Hall is quite different from the other markets included in the list because it is a proper shopping center that has a lot of branded and non-branded stores which sell several different categories of items. 

But remember, all the items sold over there cannot be bargained.

5. Nagampal MarketNagampal Market

Nagampal market is an important commercial center located in Imphal. This market is foiled up with stocks ranging from footwear to accessories to vegetables to attires. The market also has some well maintained restaurants with delicious food in it where one can go and enjoy with friends and family.

What To Buy In Manipur

There is something special in Manipur for everyone to buy. The good part is that they are pretty exclusive to Manipur which means they are quite rare, so are you ready to get your hands on these special items:

  • Phaneks: Phanek is a Manipuri sarong typically worn by the women. 
  • Handicrafts: One of the biggest sales in Manipur is of the handicrafts.
  • Blackware: Kettles, Manipuri trays, bowls, cooking pots and frying pans are made up of blackware


All the places for shopping in Manipur that is included in this blog are quite famous among not only tourists but also the local people over there as well. In case you visit Manipur, do not forget to visit the places included in the blog to fulfill your shopping requirements.

Manipur’s handicraft and handloom boast dexterous work of the hand, something that will win your heart in an instance.

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